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Properly formatted CSV not possible with MySQL’s “INTO OUTFILE”

I have been attempting to export my data from a SELECT statement into CSV format without having to modify the original SELECT statement. This is apparently not possible.   Let’s start with outputing using the default, TAB delimited: INTO OUTFILE “test1.csv” RMC200BK … Continue reading

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EXCEL Add-ins and MySQL Scripts

I write a lot of update scripts on MySQL and many times the data I update comes from Excel.  In order to get the data I want, I create a table of the data from the spreadsheet.  It ends up … Continue reading

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MySQL Numeric Functions

Some useful numeric MySQL functions I wrote (unless sourced elsewhere). When I created these I was originally looking to clean some phone numbers and format them, but found there was not a way to get only numeric characters from a … Continue reading

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Things Wrong With (or I dislike about) MySQL Workbench

1. The “Find” feature The “Find” icon button doesn’t search what’s in the textbox, it searches what you last put in the textbox and hit “Enter” and searched for. Doesn’t bring up a prompt like “Replace” does. Doesn’t respond with … Continue reading

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