Things Wrong With (or I dislike about) MySQL Workbench

1. The “Find” feature

  • The “Find” icon button doesn’t search what’s in the textbox, it searches what you last put in the textbox and hit “Enter” and searched for.
  • Doesn’t bring up a prompt like “Replace” does.
  • Doesn’t respond with any information if no results found.
  • If I have a word highlighted, it doesn’t automatically get placed in the textbox of the “Find”, I must copy and paste it there.

2. SQL problems

  • Today I did a count of records in a table, found none, inserted a single record and got a “Duplicate entry” error!  Had to view the table from command line to see that there was actually already a row in the table, but Workbench never could return any results!

3. Slooooowwww

  • Takes approx. 60 sec to refresh database list.  Then if I click to expand a database, takes another 60 sec.  Then if I click on a table, takes another 60 sec.

4. Query Tabs

  • Can’t re-arrange tabs.
  • Can’t middle-click to close a tab.
  • Have to leave at least one tab open.

5. Object Browser

  • I can’t view the Primary Key of a table in the little text summary below or by expanding a table.  I must right-click and “Alter table” to view this information.

6. Glitches

  • Sometimes when I use the shortcut <CTRL>+<ENTER> to execute a query, it doesn’t do anything and I have to try a second time for workspace to respond.
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